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Mobile-friendly website

Why should you choose a mobile-friendly website?- Login2Design


Things to Remember While Creating A Mobile-Friendly Website

Just because you have a well-designed website, it doesn’t mean that this would be responsive too. Being the best mobile app development company, we mentioned the reasons to make your business and website mobile-friendly, and through this blog, you would be able to understand what kind of things you should follow while creating a website.

Building a website for mobile devices or desktops does not take a long time. The coding technique has changed a lot in the last few years and it takes more or less time to build as a static site. As the technology is updating, the ways to creating a mobile responsive website have been changed.

According to Google’s recent policy, a mobile-friendly website, optimized content, SEO-friendly, and well-designed is easy to rank in SERP. On the off chance that your website isn’t mobile-friendly, the count of individuals coming over your website may be experiencing slow load times, confusing design, or badly written information. None of these issues establish a great first impression, so you need to customize your mobile site so that you can build an enduring impression.

4 Reasons to Make a Mobile-friendly website

1. Google Prioritizes These Websites:-

In 2018, Google declared that they would start to rank search results based on mobile, instead of desktop, sites. This thing was started by the fact that most people are searching on mobile phones, thus Google needs to guarantee that the outcomes they’re showing first will be top-notch and truly address the issues of most the searchers.
On the off chance that your site is not positioning well on Google, that is a major issue. Google is the main search engine tool, and in case you are not appearing on their first page of results, it’s probably you’re not being seen by anyone.

2. Check Your Website’s Loading Speed

Now that you have understood the reason for not coming on the 1st page of Google. The second thing is to run your website from a mobile device. You need to check your page load speed. That’s where Google checks your website load time. Google gives a separate score for both mobile and desktop. In any case, if your website is not getting a good score on desktop or mobile, then you need to connect with your designer to change it into a mobile-friendly website.
Increasing load speed on mobile is a quite simple fix for an experienced developer and designer. Sometimes this might happen due to heavy files. Or sometimes, the reason might be not updating the site and using the old version of the theme. In such a situation, an experienced designer can solve it with ease.

3. It’s becoming a Major Part of Website

It has become a crucial part of the website. Numerous mobile-friendly website with increasingly coming on Google day-by-day. Responsive web design has made mobile optimization more clear and accessible to everyone, and that implies users have started to expect that this level of functionality should come standard when browsing on their cell phones.

4. Manage (or remove) Pop-Ups

Users on cell phones are choosier than those on desktops. They will always look for a speedy result whatever they search for. On mobile devices, pop-ups become a blunder if they aren’t done in the right way.
On a desktop, it’s easy to understand how to close a Tab or ad, but this isn’t easy on mobile. Google has announced in an official announcement that the interstitials (also known as mobile ads) will be penalized if they harm the user experience. Sometimes the overcount of ads on the website becomes the reason for the bug.
Legally necessary things, like age validation pop-ups, will not hurt your position, but irritating interruptions that force users to open an email or sell an item will hurt your SEO. You must avoid covering the main content with unwanted ads for a better experience for the user.

Having a mobile-friendly website is necessary to get found on Google. If you haven’t planned about customizing your mobile site in a while, now is the time to take action! A few changes can make a big difference in your Google ranking and the experience for your users.

Why should you choose a mobile-friendly website?
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Why should you choose a mobile-friendly website?
Choosing a mobile-friendly website is always beneficial. Google prioritizes these websites and helps to rank in SERP.
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