Latest SEO Updates 2021| Things to know about SEO

SEO trends in 2021

Latest SEO Updates 2021| Things to know about SEO


Update Your Website With Google’s New Algorithm

SEO is a viable method to bring customers to your online platforms — if you know the strategy. SEO is becoming the need of every 3rd business and industry. We don’t need to explain how effective it is attracting users to move their offline business to online. During this pandemic when some users were desperate about their offline market few of them moved their offline business into online and with the use of the latest SEO techniques they conquer the market.
SEO is not just about backlinking it’s a process of the right content, image, URL, and many more like these. In this article, we will mention few updates that are effectively going to improve your SERP position. Read this article about SEO trends in 2021 and optimize your website.

Content Optimization

With the SEO trends in 2021 the phrase “Content is king” became true again. A website with optimized and fresh content is definitely going to hit again. Chances are high to rank in SERP if you have optimized your content as per the user’s requirements. As opposed to it if your content is not properly optimized and didn’t meet to user’s requirements, you will be not found on Google.
According to our SEO experts, long reads of 3500 plus words get more traffic and attract users. Try to write long and meaningful content that attracts users and provides them the same information that they have searched for.
You might have a question in your mind about how to write content that meets user’s requirements?

The answer is proper devidation or formatting. Divide your content into proper headings, for instance, the topic of your whole content should be in H1, the subtopic should be in h2, and the rest another topic that you don’t want to highlight too much must come in h3.
The proper formatting of headings not only will make your content easy to read but also will help engage your mobile users.
Also be sure about the links you share on your blog, article, or service. If you provide an outbound link it should be authentic, relatable, and with a solid authority score. When you think your content is ready to share add a sharable link either at the heading or in the end so that users can easily share that.

Artificial Intelligence will play a Vital Role in SEO.

While we are discussing SEO trends in 2021 AI is playing a crucial role. AI is changing the way how users interact with the website content. Google’s this algorithm is named “RankBrain”.
Let’s understand what is “RankBrain” and how’s it going to affect your SEO?

Though the search engines will not share details, SEO experts say that “user experience information is primarily detected”. It means factors like CTR(Click through rate), impression, and bounce rate. Again the content comes here. Your content must be informative and well-written so that it can help users to engage with your website. You can check the major factors like readability, backlinks, and more with Google Analytics.

Voice Search is going to affect Search Queries

With the innovation of Google Assistant, Siri, Cortona, and Alexa the concept of voice search has been changed. People are moving toward voice search, cause it’s not only easy but also informative. As technology has increased its value, same as voice search has also gotten more popular.
To optimize your content for voice search use long-tail keywords. Your keywords should match with the daily conversation of people. Voice searched perform better with longer, and natural sound keywords.
For instance, if a user searches “what is a digital marketing and what are the trending updates in Digital Marketing”? So your keyword should be “Meaning of digital marketing & Trending Updates in Digital Marketing”.

Mobile Friendliness Will Impact Your Website

According to a report published by statista research department, the worldwide number of mobile users has been reached 3.8 billion.
Dependency on mobile is not a new thing, this is why search engines majorly look at the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version of the website. And with the percentage of mobile users, this change really makes sense. If you were not aware of it, it’s time to check the result of mobile responsiveness through the “google search console”. Update your website with SEO trends in 2021 and find drastic changes.

You simply need to index your URL on the search console and google will begin crawling, if there would be an issue with mobile responsive Google Search Console will notify you to manage and improve it. For that, you just need to check that your URL should not be disallowed type.

Snippets Will Become More Effective

It is not always needed to rank in SERP with long-tail keywords on content. The short & beneficial way to rank on Google is “Snippets”. They are informative and easy.
Sometimes you might have noticed when you search for something on Google, a box with small information comes with an image on the top of the SERP, that’s a snippet.
Snippets are useful to steal traffic from competitors. Featured snippets are a box of small information about any product, company, or service. Snippets are structured as small bullet points, product or event details, reviews, products price, and information like that.
For snippets, target question-based queries or information that are generated by users. You can check more about snippets on google’s feature “People Ask For”.

Image & Video Optimization

Online Video and properly optimized images have been taken a long way. According to SEO trends in 2021  if you are not on youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and tumbler it’s the right time to begin the process.
How can you optimize your content for these platforms? The answer is through optimizing description and profile summary. Do not use so many keywords to complete your description instead use information that users search for and put some essential details about your company, product, or else.
Also, you can optimize your video title by searching the related title on the platform, for example, your company or video is related to “dance” type dance classes in the search box and you will get related keywords like dance classes near me, dance classes charges and so on.


SEO is consistently updating, as the above information clarifies this. The days of simply doing on-page and off-page are gone. With SEO’s new updates you need to be updated and focus on quality content, image, and video. To maintain your SERP rank it’s necessary to work on content optimization. Use the right seo tools, update your website with SEO trends in 2021,  check your website’s seo reports and update your website details according to that.

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Latest SEO Updates 2021| Things to know about SEO
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